Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mynah March in April

The Mynah is a cute little bird that’s so commonly found that the urban species got tagged as the “Common Mynah”. It is a fascinating bird that’s capable of multiple vocal renditions. In fact, there are times you’d think there are multiple birds in the area when it would be just a bunch of Mynahs singing away to glory.


The Mynah (officially spelled as Myna) is a member of the Sturnidae family (consisting of starlings and mynas) and is a native bird of Asia. It is omnivorous and has a very strong territorial instinct. It has now been introduced to other parts of the world; and today, you can see them in Australia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.


You can easily identify a Mynah by its brown body, black hood, a yellow patch under the eye, yellow legs and beak, the white patch near the tail area, and the white lining on the underside of the wings.


Though it lives in urban areas and is used to seeing people all the time, the species is still very scared of humans. The birds let out loud shrieks to warn their mates and other birds of human approach. When you go birding for Mynas, be careful. They’re very aggressive when it comes to protecting their roost.


This photo taken on the Infosys campus in Bangalore shows two Mynas (usually appear in pairs) collecting twigs and straw for, perhaps, their new nest. The couple kept hopping ad marching along as I tried to go closer to take a better picture. If you get a picture of a Mynah, come by and post it here.

Here are the other two pictures I got...






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